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What are custom headphones?

They may look like regular earbuds at first glance, but custom headphones perform more like high-performance loudspeakers than they do conventional headphones. That’s because they are designed and fabricated to produce the most natural and live sound by isolating music and minimizing external noise.

When you choose Integrated Dwelling for your audio needs, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the same quality headphones your favorite musicians wear.
Afterall, if they are good enough for them, we are confident you will love them too!

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Frequent flyers,
we have you covered.

Air travel just became much more enjoyable, thanks to hours of in-ear comfort. Plug in, switch on, and listen as your plane turns into a welcome departure from the background noise typical of flight. From playlists to watchlists, music to yours ears has never sounded so good.

Our 5-Step Process

Step 1
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Want to immerse yourself in pure sound? Come by our studio to try out a pair of custom headphones. Our expert staff is excited to help you get optimal sound no matter where you are.

Step 2
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Choose from a myriad of our design templates, or sit with one of our design consultants to select custom colors, graphics and finishes for a truly personal one-of-a-kind headphone!

Step 3
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Custom Ear Mold

Individually created from a silicone mold of your ear shape by our team of certified fitters, our custom headphones are handmade to perfectly fit your ears, providing an unparalleled listening experience.

Step 4
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Experienced lab technicians will assemble and tune your custom headphones within an industry standard of +/- 1 dB of our reference curve of your chosen model. Even better: all of our products are made right here in the USA

Step 5
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The technology in these specialized custom headphones allows you to enjoy the ultimate music experience. They fit well, the seal is just right, and the music clarity is out of this world.

Quality backed by Integrated Dwelling

At Integrated Dwelling, we believe in products that fit your lifestyle, and are constantly seeking out the finest products to assemble the highest-performing solutions for you. We travel the world to stay ahead of technological advancements and trends. And our IEMs are no exception. You can count on them to deliver superior quality sound every time.





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